How to Choose a Scalp Micro Pigmentation Artist


Scalp micro pigmentation is a procedure performed on people with bald hair to prevent hair loss.  SMP is also known as hair tattooing since an electronic machine is used to penetrate your scalp for better results. SMP is beneficial not only to people struggling with baldness but also to cancer patients who usually experience hair loss. SMP ought not to be painful, but you can be sure that you will experience some discomfort. The SMP artist should make your scalp numb before the SMP procedure to ensure discomfort when tattooing is tolerable. If you are looking for scalp micropigmentation dallas artist, here are some things to consider.


Select scalp micropigmentation los angeles artist that specializes in hair loss conditions. The best way to know if your SMP artist is an expert in the field is to request for a list of past clients. That way, you can call and see if the SMP artist offered satisfactory services. Also, the best SMP artist should have photos of clients that they have served for you to gauge their work.


Check out the experience of the SMP artist. The best SMP artist should have been in the field for many years. That way, they will have served many clients and gained the experience required. Newbie SMP artists may have the skills necessary but may not have the hands-on experience. For that reason, you should stick to experienced SMP artists as that is the only way you can be assured of a safe procedure.


Select SMP artists that are well trained. You should request a copy of academic certificates from the SMP artist to ascertain that they have the right skills. Working with SMP artists that are not trained would be risky, as you would be putting your life on the line.


Before choosing an SMP artist, ensure that you ask around to get the best in the market. Friends and workmates can come in handy when looking for an SMP artist. Also, you should not shy away from the internet as you can find credible SMP artists here. You should be curious to know if the past clients of an SMP artist enjoyed the procedure and if the results were satisfactory. Always choose an SMP artist that has positive reviews from previous customers. An SMP artist with a bad reputation should not top your list as they may be only after your money. Find interesting facts about hair at

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